How Can the OO Eye Exerciser Help You and Your Kids to Improve Vision?


Our eye muscles are like all human muscles that need proper exercise to stay fit and healthy. Accommodation is the eyes’ adjustment ability to maintain focus at all distances by focal change.   Close-up work requires a high demand of accommodation, while looking in the distance requires a relaxation of accommodation.  The eyes’ focal change is achieved by changes in contraction of the eyes' ciliary muscles.   Therefore, good vision depends on the eye muscles. The ciliary muscle changes the shape of the lens of the eye causing objects to come into focus. Six other muscles surrounding eye control all ocular movements including the shape (length) of the eyeball.  These muscles could decrease in strength as a result of stress, poor nutrition, or the aging process.   Sustained close-up focusing activities, including reading, using computers, and watching TV, overload the visual system and stress the muscles responsible for focusing, thus, result in vision problems.

Eye exercises and vision therapy can strengthen eye muscles, relieve eyestrains, enhance focus ability, and thus improve blurred vision.   The conditions of myopia (nearsightedness), presbyopia/hyperopia (farsightedness) can all be reduced and improved using eye exercises and vision therapy.   

Eyeglasses and contact lenses may correct your vision problems, but they only provide a "crutch" to compensate for vision problems and can create dependency.  For children, the glasses will force the eyes to adjust and adapt to the new visual environment and make the myopia permanent and irreversible.  Worse, glasses with over-prescript greatly speeds the eyes’ worsening process.  Sadly, the vision of thousands our children is permanently destroyed each year by improper uses of glasses and contact lens.

Laser surgery corrects vision problem by changing the shape of our eye cornea, which is not cure to vision problem, and should only be considered as the last resorts for correcting vision problem.   In addition, laser surgery should never apply to children before they stop growing and before their vision becomes stable. 

The only method that is close to the working principle of the OOEE is the “See Clearly Method” developed by a team of optometrists and research scientists.  However, it is just a technique and method that teach you how to relax and exercises, which requires systematic training and disciplines. 

The OO Eye Exerciser (OOEE) utilizes a series of powerful and elegant techniques designed to help relax and strengthen our visual system.  The device addresses common vision problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, eye fatigue/strain, and poor vision due to aging.

The OOEE device integrates optical and electronic technology that strengthens and relaxes the eye muscles responsible for focusing so your vision can improve naturally.  Unlike other vision therapy and eye exercise devices, the OOEE is unique that it engages our eyes and actively guides the eye muscles movements by automatically changing the device’s focal length while your eye watches a series of focus-adjusting and time-switchable images illuminated by advanced cold light sources.   No intrusion, no radiation-emitting, no medicine-taken, and everything is automatic - no training is needed.  That is the beauty of the instrument.

The OOEE device and the sitting/reading position monitor/beeper create the most effective eye exercise and preventive eyes health system.  It is the miracle and result of multi-year intensive research and clinical practices by numerous doctors, ophthalmologists, optometrists, scientists, and engineers.  Tens of thousand of people, particularly children, have successfully used the exerciser, just minutes a day at home, in clinic, office, or school, to improve their vision and Saying Bye-Bye to eyeglasses and contact lens without surgery, otherwise at the minimum, Prevented Further Deterioration of Their Vision.   

Even senior people benefit from the OOEE treatment. This instrument is like a cycling bike, dumbbells, steppers, medicine balls, or other exercise devices to our body. It can, at least, lengthen our eyes working life without any side effect. Recently (July 2005), one of our customers (a gentleman of age 53 eBayer "Capacitor0" from Campbellford ON Canada), wrote to us: "Thank you for the prompt shipping, item arrived in perfect working order. After a few treatments right eye has returned to 20/20, the left 20/40 so I'm in high hopes I can cure myself. With best regards John"



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