How to Use the OO Eye Exerciser

The User’s Manual provides detailed and illustrated instructions about how to use all the devices included in the box.   Most uses are self-explained.

For the OO Eye Exerciser:

·          Turn on the power and push the Start button;

·          Sit comfortably and relax.  Focus your eye on one specific point on the moving and changing images.  Keep the eye focused when the image changing from clear to blurred and back forth.  Keep the other eye open and masked by the eye cover.  

·          When the light turns off, alter to another eye and turn on the device again.  

·          Continue and repeat until timeout.

Each session takes about 10 minute for both eyes.

The use of Reading Position Monitor/Beeper is self-explained.

Efficiency and Period of Treatment:

The devices integrate the advanced electronic and optical technologies combined with the theory of modern medical science and traditional oriental medicine.  They perform general physiotherapy to the crystalline lens, ciliary muscles, and blood vessels around the eyes for relaxation and exercises with prominent and lasting results.

The exercises and treatment may vary in effect on different people depending on ages and their health and eye conditions.   Generally, the effects are more profound to young and adolescent patients at the earlier stages of nearsightedness.   Based on the clinical practices and result, many patients can improve their vision by a few row levels on the Standard Vision Graphical Chart after one to two months’ exercises.   And the vision of numerous patients reportedly became normal with the exercises.   And most patients successfully prevented further deterioration of their vision problems.

·          It takes about 5 minutes for a session for one eye, and one or twice a day exercise per day.   Every 10 days is an Exercise Period.  

·          Take 1 or 2 days breaks between the Exercise Periods.  

·          Take a vision test by the Standard Vision Test Graphic Chart to check the vision and record the results.

Generally, the vision improves more remarkably during the first Exercise Period, and the vision usually improves further in 3 to 5 Periods.   The improvement would be strengthened and enhanced after 5 Exercise Periods.

Constraints and Precautions

·          Use the devices under doctors’ advice and use as doctor’s directions;

·          Patients with severe glaucoma and heart conditions, pregnant women should take extra caution in using the devices;


Working and Transport Conditions:


-40-55° C  (-40 – 131° F)


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